New to Brewing?.....Welcome!

So no matter if you’ve never brewed, or you’ve been brewing for years and years, we would like to welcome you to come to our monthly meetings!!

We meet every third Tuesday of the month, at Sudwerk Brewery, at 7pm. We generally meet in the UC Davis Extension classroom, above the Dock Store, but just to make sure (sometimes we meet in the banquet room in the restaurant), show up and have a pint at the Dock Store between 6pm and 7pm! You’ll be sure to notice fellow homebrewers, and we can guide you were to go. Plus, a portion of the profits that the Dock Store gets the nights of our meeting, they give to the club as a donation, so we are able to put on great events!

Generally, we try to have a presentation, either by a club member or a guest speaker, on anything and everything brewing related! We’ve had the likes of Jamil Zainasheff (Heretic Brewing, Brewing Network, author), Chris White (White Labs, author), Colin Kaminski (Downtown Joes in Napa, author), Tasty McDole (a well known and highly decorated homebrewer), as well as Jay Goodwin (Rare Barrel), and Will Shelton (one of the Shelton Brothers)!

Along with the presentations, we also encourage members and visitors to bring out their homebrew and share it/discuss it with the club! Feel you have something going on in your process that’s contributing to off flavors? Other members are more than glad to help figure out what might be contributing to your beer, both negatively and positively!

So come on out! Bring you wife/husband/friend/son/daughter/ex-boss (you know, the cool one that just never gave you a raise, but you still keep in touch)….or just yourself! We’ll save a seat for ya!

….oh, questions….feel free to email: