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GBA Meetings and Events

GBA has had some great meetings lately! We have covered topics ranging from the new BJCP style guidelines, brewing in the UK, to the Cicerone Certification Program, and have had guest speakers including Colin Kaminski and Chris White.  Our July meeting had Aaron from the Sacramento Beer Frontier project, as well as a triangle test […]

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September and October meetings

The last couple GBA meetings we got to see the results of our experiment with yeast. We made a 50 gallon batch of beer and split it between 10 different yeasts.  The beer was a German Helles base and we tried five lager strains and five Belgian strains.  If you’ve ever wanted to know the […]

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June Update

GBA has had some great meetings lately.  In April we had Colin Kaminski of Downtown Joe’s talk to the club on Hop Chemistry for non-O-chem majors.  It was an informative and understandable talk about hop chemistry and how it can impact your homebrew.

In May we had Phil Csik continue his series on beer off flavors.  He […]

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November Meeting Update

November’s GBA meeting was a blast as usual.  We had a special guest speaker this month, Mike “Tasty” McDole!  Tasty covered brewing consistency, and got into details concerning ingredients, mash, hops, water profiles, and conditioning beer.  It was a great presentation and we had a big turnout for Tasty’s talk.  Thanks to Tasty for making […]

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Looking for beer this Friday?? Come out to the Fresh Hop Fest!! (read on….)

Hey Greenbelters!  Looking for some good beers this coming Friday??  Well, you’re in luck!  The Fresh Hops Beer Fest, presented by California Automobile Museum, Hops to Table Magazine, and Dad’s Kitchen, still has tickets available!!

Tickets range from $35 to $45 ($45 gets you into VIP hour from 5-6pm, and […]

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It’s Official! We’re Non-Profit!

As many of our club members know, the board has been working on becoming a non-profit corporation (we have been incorporated in California since May 2012), for some time now.  Working with the state and the IRS has been, well, interesting and time consuming to say the least.  However, we are proud to announce that […]

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July 2014 Update

The July meeting of the Greenbelt Brewers Association had a presentation from Ian Elliott on brewing hoppy beers.   Hop varieties and additions, grain bill, water profiles, yeast, and various suggestions and opinions for brewing IPAs and American Pale Ales were shared.  This presentation has been uploaded to the members […]

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May Meeting Update

At this month’s meeting we had Justin Bosch covering recipe formulation.  Justin makes a number of 1 gallon batches to experiment with, so had a lot of information on the topic.  He discussed his approach to developing a recipe, and common pitfalls brewers will run into.  It was a […]

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April Meeting Update

Last week we held our April GBA meeting.  This month’s meeting topic was temperature control, with Ricky Burnett giving a very thorough presentation.  He covered both heating and cooling for fermentation control, spanning from simple and cheap options to more elaborate top of the line temperature control systems.

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January Meeting Update


We just had our first meeting of 2014, and there’s a lot going on.    This weekend we have a GBA night at the new Device Brewing in Sacramento.  Friday is the Art of Beer event in Sacramento, and Saturday Lamppost Pizza in Davis is having a tap takeover event.

The club’s hop plots are still going […]

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