Here is what we covered at this month’s meeting if you couldn’t make it.

We started off by recapping the GBA BBQ we had on August 11th.  A lot of people showed up for good food and lots of beer, so overall it was a great success.

Next month we are going to have a club mini competition for light hybrids for the AHA club only competition, so anyone who has any kolsch, cream ale, blonde ale, or American wheat should bring a growler or six-pack of their beer so we can send the best example to the competition

Travis announced the winners from GBA at the state fair competition.  We had a lot of people do really well at the state fair, so congrats to everyone for making great beer and representing the club.

Andy Gray and John Sanatar presented on Kolsch.  They presented on the history, characteristics, ingredients, and fermentation for the style.  We also got to try a commercial example of Kolsch.  This presentation will be available on the members only site.

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, September 18th at 7 pm in the Master Brewers classroom at Sudwerk.