So, we had quite a few members ribbon at the GCBA’s “Celebrewtion” recently (see recent post), but we also had excellent turnout recently at BAM’s (Bay Area Mashers) yearly comp:  World Cup of Beers.  I first want to thank everyone who entered their beers in the comp!  We had quite a few entries, and as a club that is just starting to focus on entering in comps and getting our name out there, we definitely brought it!

The comp is a very competitive one indeed, accepting entries not only from Northern California, but from all over the state, and out of state as well.  From what I have heard from some of our entrants who scored up above 35 (a laudable score to be sure), they have gotten great feedback as well.

Having said all that, I’d like to take a minute to congratulate two of our members for their placing:

  • Shane Stain, taking a 1st place ribbon for his Extra Special Bitter (ESB)!!
  • John Sanatar, taking a 3rd place ribbon for his Russian Imperial Stout!!
  • Mike Mulligan, taking a 4th place ribbon (only category to place out to 4 places, so a tough crowd to be sure) for his Dark Belgian Strong Ale!!

Be sure to congratulate these brewers at the May meeting!!