So, you’ve stumbled across our humble site, home of the Greenbelt Brewers Association, and you are curious, “what exactly does this brewing club do?”  You’re in luck!  Why?  Because here is a quick synopsis of what our little club has been up to these past several months!!!

In July, as mentioned in the post prior to this, our club hosted a ‘Single Hop Beer’ meeting.  Club attendees were given blind tastes of 13 different single-hop brews (all with the same recipe in terms of grain bill, IBU, and fermentation characteristics), and then had to record their initial tastes and thoughts.  Why blind?  Well, hop heads all know what different hops are supposed to taste/smell like…so we wanted to get more unbiased impressions!  The tastings were then all collected, and will be analyzed for posterity.  Missed the meeting?  No worries!  Become a dues paying member and access the results of over 50 people’s tastings to help you determine what hop you really want to use in your next brew!

July also saw the first ever GBA Family Picnic Day at Slide Hill Park in Davis.  The day was designed to bring together the families of members and to allow a little fun and friendly competition, as we played an excellent game of Kick Ball!  While fun was definitely had, it was determined that drinking beer in 95+ heat and then playing Kick Ball is definitely a challenge!  Next year, 5 innings will be the max!!

August’s meeting was 180 degrees from July’s, as club funk expert Andy Gray, introduced the club to the funky side of beers:  Sours!!!  The beers he brought to showcase the style were sublime and subtle, to mouthpuckerin’ sour!  As George Clinton is to Neil Diamond, thus are sours to nice clean lagers.  Many members left speaking of when they were going to be introducing strains of brett, pedio, mothers-in-laws, and all those other bugs into their breweries to ‘pump up the funk’.  Expect in the coming months many more members’ beers to be funky!!

And then there was September, the highlight of which was NCHF!!!  What, you ask, is NCHF?  Northern California Homebrewers’ Festival, also referred to as the best weekend all year!  Basically, it’s a weekend camping trip were the entire campsite is taken over by all the homebrew clubs from the Bay Area to the Oregon border.  Saturday, there’s a festival…a beer festival…where all the booths are other homebrew clubs!  A dinner by the Homebrew Chef, Sean Paxton; talks by notable brewers; raffles sponsored by MoreBeer….and you only have to stumble back to your tent that night!!  Our club brought it this year, and purchased 9% of the total tickets for the festival!!!  Definitely a highlight of belonging to the club, and if you missed it this year, than you’d better make sure you join and get in the know for next year!!!

To help recover from this celebration, we decided to dial it back for our September general meeting; so we presented Barleywines!  Club member Schulyer Campbell presented on Barleywines as well as Old Ales, their differences, and notes on brewing them!  Again, the presentation was well received, and if you missed it, don’t worry, the presentation will be available online for dues paying members.

Still holding your attention??  Peaked your interest yet??  Ready to ‘jump in the wort’ as it were??  Well then, make sure you don’t miss out on the upcoming October General Meeting, when we’ll be presenting “Flavors and Off-Flavors”.  What’s that mean?!  It means that we’ll be serving you a bunch of Bud Light, intentionally dosed with flavors and smells (some desirable, some not so much), so that you can learn to recognize those same characteristics in your beers and more importantly, how to fix your process so you don’t keep getting them!!  It will be a very informative and interesting evening to be sure.  As always, we invite you to come out and see what the club, and more importantly, homebrewing, is all about!!!  See the calendar on the side bar (over there…look to your right) to make sure you don’t miss it!  Also, feel free to join our mailing list so as to get the most up to date information and start benefiting from the knowledge that our members disseminate to all who’ll listen!!  Have a question?  Feel free to ask!!  Want to know what good breweries you can expect to find on your next trip?  Again, throw out an email…most likely someone in the club knows where you can get a good beer in Hoxie, Kansas!!

We’ll see you at the next meeting!  Until then, Cheers!!