If you are a new homebrewer, a veteran brewer, or a member that missed the last general meeting this last Tuesday (May 17th, 2011), here’s what you missed:

First off, Blair Howard, our club’s Membership Coordinator, presented on the Wit/Wheat style of beer- a perfect brew for summertime!  Club members can access the presentation on the members’ website for reference.

We also discussed upcoming events, both public as well as club events.  One that is rapidly approaching is the Davis Beer Festival being held at Sudwerks on June 4th.  Come out and support the cause, and sample both professional brewers’ wares next to club members!  Also on the docket for this summer will be our first ever Davis Bike Pub Crawl (Sunday, June 19th) and our club’s first ever Family Picnic (Saturday, July 23rd).  More information on these two events will be forthcoming on the group’s email.  Not yet signed up for the email?  Do so either here, or by hitting the link on the sidebar.

We also have a new sponsor!  Club member Christian D’Souza has offered to support our club through his own company, BRUBAR Energy Bars.  For each 12 bar box purchased at the club meetings, for $20 a box, BRUBAR will donate $5 back to the club!  A win-win for all, and now you can have the great taste of a malty snack for breakfast!

Finally, we are undertaking a task that only the cooperation of a club can do:  explore the differences in taste, aroma, and bitterness that each hop variety lends to a beer by itself!  Club members will be brewing the same beer (same malt bill, yeast, OG, IBU’s, and yeast), but each will only use one variety of hop.  Sounds interesting??  Well, if you’ve been on the fence about coming out to the meetings, then make sure you hit the July one at least, so you can sample differences in hops and better your own recipe design capabilities.

If you are intrigued, perplexed, excited, curious, or just bored, make sure you come out and check out the next meeting.  Our next meeting will be Tuesday, June 21st at 6:30pm in the Classroom above Sudwerks Brewery (accessible through the Dock Store).  Hope to see you all there!  Cheers!