Welcome to those of you that are just stumbling across our club’s website after possibly finding out about us at one of the many events the Greenbelt Brewers Association took part in this last week!  It seems that from the feedback we are all hearing from club members, the week was certainly a success!

We know for a fact that several events went extremely well!  Here are some of the events that the club took part in:

To kick off the week, there was an opening night gala, graciously hosted by the newly remodeled Crocker Art Museum.  The event took place on Thursday, Feb. 24th from 5pm-9pm.  The party was outstanding!  Many local breweries came out to pour their fine brews at the event, ranging everything from Sierra Nevada’s Sloughhouse Ale (a Sac Beer Week exclusive), to the newer brewery, Knee Deep (whom, if you haven’t had it yet, makes an excellent Vanilla Porter!)  The crowd was a tremendous mix of all us beer nerds, to notaries such as Dr. Bamforth (of UCD), to white-collar crowd fresh in out of the rain after a hard day breaking stones for the state.  At last count, there was over 700 attendees!  Again, a big thanks goes to the Crocker!

A few days later, on Saturday, Feb. 26th, the Greenbelt group lead our first event:  an East Sacramento Bike Pub Crawl!  The crawl was extremely well attended, as we roped in a good number of future GBA’ers into the event.  Traveling from Hot City Pizza, to The Shack, and finally to Pangea, we were well received at all locations; a huge thanks goes out to the owners of those fine establishments!  (In addition to our web thanks, they probably wouldn’t mind you mentioning another thank you next time you are there enjoying a pint! hint hint)

Following the Pub Crawl, the GBA held a Brew Demonstration on Sunday, Feb. 27th, along with fellow brewers at Elk Grove Brewers Guild at the newest Sacramento area homebrew shop, BFD.  The event exhibited two GBA systems, an extract brew as well as an all-grain, to best show the two ends of the scale of homebrewing systems.  It was a great day weather wise, and we saw many people who came by and asked questions, soon left BFD with arms full of gear.  Hope to see those new brewers at upcoming meetings!  We even had the press out there, with a short segment on News 10, as well as this article in the Elk Grove Citizen.  Pics of the day can be found here.

And to top off the week, the GBA was one of only two homebrew clubs invited to pour our humble brews side-by-side with the big guys at the Capital Brew Fest at CalExpo (held Saturday, March 5th).  An “awesome event” doesn’t even begin to describe how well received this event truly was, and with over 70 professional breweries in attendance, we not only got excellent kudos from the many hordes of beer connoisseurs, but our President John Sanatar and Event Coordinator Steve Katz were the photo op for the San Francisco Examiner, and we got another pic of Treasurer Josh Hughes, Steve Katz, and Secretary Matt Boyer in the blog Flabmag.com (as well as a nod to our beer, “Big Breasted Mild”!)  The event was excellent, and we blew through 30 gallons of homebrew with numerous people asking time and time again where they could purchase our beers!  The answer that this was brewed in garages from the Sierras to the Bay Area Foothills was met with utter amazement.  A better send of to Sac Beer Week, we could not have had!

Hope to see you all at this coming meeting, Tuesday, March 15th, 6:30pm at Sudwerks!  More lively recapping is definitely on the agenda!  Cheers!