If you are a new homebrewer, a veteran brewer, or a member that missed the last general meeting this last Tuesday (February 15th, 2011), here’s what you missed:

First off, SACRAMENTO BEER WEEK is kicking off!  For those of you who may not be familiar with this, Sacramento will be celebrating its second annual Beer Week, kicking off this Thursday with a Gala at the Crocker with local pro-brewers, and ending with a large California Brewers’ Festival at CalExpo on Saturday, March 5th.  More information can be found at sacramentobeerweek.com.  More importantly, Greenbelt Brewers will be involved in several of the festivities, including a Bike Pub Crawl, a Teach a Friend to Brew Day, as well as pouring at the CalExpo fest.  More information can be found on this page below.

After the discussion of the upcoming festivities, the club was presented with an excellent introduction to the art and science of ‘mashing’ by our resident brewer, Dave Bosworth.  He covered the theory, the process, and discussed the differences in sparging techniques and effects of temperature on final beer.  The presentation was well received and helped take some of the ‘black magic’ out of moving to all-grain.

Again, if you missed out, try not to next month when we meet at Sudwerks Brewery at 6:30pm on March 15th.  All levels of brewers are welcome to attend- you just have to be willing to sit around, talk and imbibe in homebrew!  Cheers!