Matt and I are putting together a brew day for April 24! Planning on getting started early between 9 and 10am.

He and I will be brewing 10 gallons on his “subabrew” system while I will have my “Denny-tun & keggle” system available for a first time all grain brewer(s).

My system is good for about 20lbs of grain and is really meant for 5 gallons. 10 is possible but can be tricky with my 13 gallon keggle.

What we have…
• Propane (three tanks most likely)
• One all-grain system for a first time all-grain brewer
• A grill for whatever you want to throw on it
• Hops (see below)
• Snacks
• Nearly 5 gallons of a dry-hopped homebrew on ice
• Other homebrews
• Might as well break out the beer pong and have a tourney!

Whole hops I have available
– 7% Cascade
– 11% Citra
– 12.2% Nugget

Let me know if you would like to use my brew system!

For the address please contact me here: steve

If there is beginner interest in it I could bottle a batch as well.

All are welcome, so bring a friend new to brewing. Hoping for a good turn-out including other people brewing, my backyard/patio is pretty large.