Here is a clip from a recent e-mail update I got about their upcoming releases: “As most of you know, Vinnie and I are expanding our brewing operations to a second location here in Santa Rosa. Almost everything is in place and we plan to brew our first batch on April 21st. We will brew that day. I can’t afford to pay for hops if we don’t!
Our next round of barrel-aged beers are bottled and will be released in about a month, says Vinnie from the couch. Unfortunately, we are unable to direct-ship out of state due to state legislation. If you live within California, you will be able to order these beers from our website in about a month. I will let you know when they are ready for shipment.”

So it looks like we will be able to order their beers online this year, I will be attending whatever release event happens, as soon as anything is announced I will let you guys know.


John Sanatar