April Meeting Update

Last week we held our April GBA meeting.  This month’s meeting topic was temperature control, with Ricky Burnett giving a very thorough presentation.  He covered both heating and cooling for fermentation control, spanning from simple and cheap options to more elaborate top of the line temperature control systems.

Competition season is still in full swing.  We will be having a club only pro-am competition with the opportunity to brew at Sudwerk!  We want to have a really good showing here with the best possible beer selected, so all GBA members should consider entering a beer to this competition.  Details have been sent out on our mailing list and you can drop off your beer at the next meeting – don’t forget to register online.

We also just held our 2nd annual “Bridging the Gap” competition, put on by GBA and Elk Grove Brewers Guild.  All entries have been scored and the results can be found at the competition link on the right.   Congrats to all who took home ribbons and we hope you will enter again next year!

Ian Elliott, Secretary

January Meeting Update


We just had our first meeting of 2014, and there’s a lot going on.    This weekend we have a GBA night at the new Device Brewing in Sacramento.  Friday is the Art of Beer event in Sacramento, and Saturday Lamppost Pizza in Davis is having a tap takeover event.

The club’s hop plots are still going strong.  GBA members are planning to get together to work on the hop plots February 1st, so email the board if interested.  This is a great way to gain experience for anyone interested in growing their own hops, plus when harvest comes you will get some free hops!

We had Dan Scott in attendance to give us a preview of what to expect for Sacramento Beer Week, which runs late February to early March.   There will be many events throughout the week, including Capitol Beer Fest and the Sacramento Brewer’s Showcase.

There are a lot of competitions coming up, including our own Bridging the Gap in April, so get brewing and entering your beers.  We also have World Cup of Beer and the AHA regionals approaching soon.

Hope to see everyone at our next meeting on February 18th.

Ian Elliott, Secretary

October Meeting Update

Here is what you missed if you couldn’t make it to the GBA October meeting.

We had the results of a hopping experiment that the club had undertaken.  Several of us brewed the same beer, brewing and fermenting in the same location.  All the beers were an American Pale Ale using the same grain bill and water profile.  For the different beers the IBUs were moved from the 60 minute addition to other points in the process.  We had a base beer, first wort hopped, mash hopped, and dry hopped version of the base beer.  We also served the base beer through a hop rocket.

Trying each of these beers side by side was very informative.  The consensus seemed to be that the first wort hopped beer had a higher bitterness than the base, and that mash hopping contributed a unique aroma but very little bitterness.

In addition to the hopping experiment, we also had a guest speaker, Chris White, at our meeting.  Chris took tons of questions from the club, and covered some of the white labs history, as well as his history of going to UC Davis where he got into biochemistry.  Big thanks to Chris White for talking to our club, everyone got a lot out of it.

Ian Elliott, Secretary

September Meeting Update

Here is what you missed if you couldn’t make it to the GBA September meeting.

This meeting was the week right before NCHF, so we discussed some of our plans and preparations.  Newer members who have not heard of or been to NCHF should make sure to get tickets next year.

We recently had a GBA night at the newly opened Heretic Brewing in Fairfield, which had a good turnout of club members.  We had a great night of beers and brewery tours, and are very appreciative of Jamil for setting this up and making such a great night for GBA.

Switching things up from our usual beer topics, Darrell Amerine gave a presentation on making ciders.  He covered the history, process, benefits of cider, different apple varieties you can use, pairing with food, and different ciders by region.  Jeff Temple of the Folsom Brew Dogs also helped out by explaining his award winning cider recipe and process.  The presentation will be available on the members only site.

Our next meeting will cover different hopping techniques.  Several of us brewed the same APA recipe with differing hop schedules.  We should have examples of how mash hopping, first wort hopping, dry hopping, and hop bursting differ from a base APA recipe.

Ian Elliott, Secretary

Here is what you missed at the July GBA meeting.

NCHF is fast approaching.  Hopefully all our members got tickets.  Get brewing for this if you haven’t been already.

A GBA team will be competing in a competition held by Lockdown Brewing Company.  The competition is for session beers only, and the winners will get to have their beer brewed at Lockdown.

GBA had a ping pong tournament on July 22nd at City Hall Tavern.  Prizes were awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers.

Our incoming president, Matt Boyer, presented on building a kegerator.  He covered all the basics including components, cost, controllers, maintenance, and design concerns.  This presentation will be made available on the members only site.

Ian Elliott, Secretary

June Meeting Update

Here is what you missed at the June GBA meeting.

The meeting began with the announcement of leadership changes for GBA.  Both the club president, John Sanatar, and vice president, Brian Conlin, are moving and leaving the club.  Matt Boyer will be the new president, and Anthony Di Ponti will be the new vice president.  Both John and Brian have been great for the club and will be missed, but we look forward to seeing what Matt and Anthony will bring to the club.

A club BBQ as a going away party for Brian is planned for Saturday, June 22nd.  It will be held in Putah Creek Park in Davis.  Everyone should try to make it to give Brian a good send off.  A going away party for John will be held later in the summer.

NCHF tickets go on sale July 14th.  Tickets sold out in record time last year, so make sure to get your tickets early.

Gary Phillips gave a presentation on cask beer.  He covered definitions, characteristics, parts of the cask, and how to use one at home.  To top it off, he also brought a 5 gallon cask of bitter to share with the club, which everyone greatly enjoyed.

Ian Elliott, Secretary


April Meeting Update

Here is what you missed at the April GBA meeting.

Matt Boyer gave us a competition update.  The Bridging the Gap competition put on by GBA and Elk Grove Brewers Guild was just the previous weekend, and ran very well.  Also, the California State Fair is the next big regional competition, so make sure to enter some beers to represent GBA.

We had an exciting presentation this time.  Mike McDole (aka Tasty) from the Brewing Network gave a presentation on session beers.  He covered balance, drinkability, and recipe formulation, along with providing his session pale ale recipe.  Samples of Tasty’s beer were provided to the club

After Tasty’s talk, Jamil Zainasheff talked about Heretic’s low ABV beer, Gramarye, and gave samples.  He also discussed the marketing and sales aspect of session beer.

Finally, Will Shelton from Mavericks provided two session beers and answered questions.  He had with him a Belgian wit and a rye pale ale, both at only 3.75% ABV, which were great to finish our session beer meeting with.

Ian Elliott, Secretary

“Bridging the Gap” Pro Am Competition: Results & Recap

As many of you know, on Saturday, April 13th, 2013, the Greenbelt Brewers Association, along with Elk Grove Brewers Guild, put on a Pro Am homebrew competition hosted by Berryessa Brewing Company in Winters.  The competition went excellently:  we had 170 entries, all of which were judged by an excellent group of judges (most of whom were BJCP certified!), and had all our scores entered, packets with scoresheets ready to go, and ribbons handed out to those onsite, all by 6pm!  So, now, you know why you are really here:  you’re looking for results!  Here are the results from the comp:  http://www.greenbeltbrewers.org/competition/.  If you have beers entered, and were not onsite yesterday, we expect to get those scoresheets in the mail to you early this week.

Our Best of Show winner, Dwight Mulcahy, will be brewing his winning beer with Chris Miller at Berryessa Brewing and that beer will go on to GABF, as a Pro Am beer!  Again, we congratulate all our winners, and thank you all again for submitting your beers and making this a great comp.

While this comp went extremely smoothly, we couldn’t of managed such a great competition without the following people.  First off, we want to thank Chris and his crew at Berryessa Brewing Company.  They went out of their way to allow us the space, the time, and the beer storage to make logistics much easier to run this comp, and also rewarded the judges and staff with a pint of their great beer on the house!  If you haven’t had a chance to run out there and sample their beers, make sure you do so!

We also want to give thanks to our two food vendors.  In the morning, we supplied our judges and staff with bagels, cream cheese and coffee from a great local place, Sacramento Bagels.  The staff there are great, the bagels are great, and if you haven’t tried them, make sure you do!!  For lunch, we supplied our judges and staff with sandwiches made by Preserve, a great public house in downtown Winters that makes absolutely great food!!  When you run out to Berryessa, make sure that you stop by and grab a bite to eat at Preserve:  you won’t be disappointed!

Now, if you missed it this year, don’t worry…..there’s always next year!

March Meeting Update

Here is what you missed if you couldn’t make it to the GBA March meeting.

We had a quick recap from Darrel about some of the Sacramento Beer Week events, including Capitol beer fest and the Capitol Beer and Taproom GBA takeover.

There are a couple of events coming up that all club members should be ready for.  Bridging the Gap, GBA’s first competition in collaboration with Elk Grove Brewers Guild will take place on April 13th, so enter some beers and volunteer to judge or steward if you can.  A couple weeks later we are going on a club camping trip on April 26th.

Ricky gave a presentation on DIY electronics.  He gave us some electronics basics, and then focused on applications such as fermentation temperature control, mash systems, and peltier cooling.   The presentation will be available on the members only site.

Steve from the Northern California Brewers Guild was in attendance and gave an update on some of the changes made to the state fair competitions this year.  David Teckam will now be coordinating the homebrew competition, and we all know he will do a great job with this.  Steve also asked for volunteers for the Raley Field beer fest, so keep that in mind as we get closer to these events.  Rick from Mendocino Brewing was also present, and together with Steve they provided beer and cheese pairings for the club, which was a great way to end the meeting.

Also, here’s a picture from the Anchor homebrew club of the year party for anyone who missed it.

club of the year group pic



Ian Elliott, Secretary

February Meeting Update

Here is what you missed if you couldn’t make it to the GBA February meeting.

Most of the club just got back from the Anchor California homebrew club of the year party.  The whole weekend was great and winning this award is a big honor for GBA.  Even though we have been busy, we still have Sacramento Beer Week coming up and have several events planned.  This Saturday, February 23rd is the annual bike pub crawl.  This year we teamed up with the shack for this event, so it should be a lot of fun, so come join everyone for a great day of biking and beer.  On Sunday the 24th GBA will have a team brewing at Capitol Beer and Tap Room to compete with other local clubs for a chance to have their beer brewed at the 21st Amendment.  The teams are limited, but anyone can come to hang out and enjoy beer specials.  Thursday, February 28th there will be a GBA takeover night also at Capitol Beer and Tap Room where they will have numerous Firestone Walker beers on tap.   Finally, Saturday March 2nd is Capitol Beer Fest.  The GBA will be pouring 10 different beers at this event alongside all the craft brewers, so make sure to check it out.

There are some competitions coming up that we hope GBA members will enter and help out with.  First is Celebrewtion with an entry deadline of March 9th.  This is put on by the Gold Country Brewers Association in Sacramento and is an event where you can get some great objective feedback on your beer.  Next, the GBA along with the Elk Grove Brewers Guild is putting on a competition on April 13th.  This will be a Pro-Am competition with Berryessa Brewing where the winning beer will be sent to GABF.  Entry details will be released shortly, but get brewing ahead of time.

One other event we have coming up is a club camping trip on April 26th.  This should be a great event for club members to get to know each other outside of the meeting setting.

This month we had a presentation by Mike Bannasch on hop growing.  He covered history, profitability, planting, growing process, terminology, and watering.  Most of this information was from Mike’s first-hand experience, so it was very interesting and thorough.  The presentation will be available on the members only site.

Ian Elliott, Secretary

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